Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stained Glass Hearts by Patsy Clairmont

I've been to Women of Faith conferences several times in the past few years and had the pleasure of hearing Patsy Clairmont speak on various topics in her engaging, witty, style. So when I saw this book available for review, I happily signed up for the opportunity to spend more time with her while not having to leave the comfort of my couch.

Settling in, I flipped to the first chapter-"The Heart of the Matter"-and found myself immersed in Patsy's descriptions of Tennessee hilltops, light, trees and nature. No, this isn't an environmental book but environment does play a key role throughout. The idea of our hearts being like stained glass is a good metaphor which most people can relate too. It's fragility, beauty, detail and especially that way it has of catching the light while allowing us to bask in it's glow holds a wide appeal and also helps to explain why so many churches have become synonymous with it.

Back to the environment I mentioned earlier, Patsy uses this theme to weave our life experiences together, much like a glass maker etches details into a piece of stained glass. We're shown how everyday things such as books, puzzles, poetry and gardening can be a form of therapy, while pointing us to the One who heals broken hearts. The chapter on nature spoke to me the most as I've always felt nearer to the Creator when I'm truly enjoying His creation. God speaks to us, not just in words but in every sense, taking delight when we savor His work of art displayed all around us.

This was a relatively short book, perfect for someone looking to be encouraged but not overwhelmed by a lengthy read. I found it easy to understand with just enough humor to give an added sparkle to the words. There was a simple, flowing, quality and welcoming vibe to the way Patsy shared personal stories along with favorite artistic/media recommendations at the end of each chapter. There's something in here for everyone, no matter where you are spiritually, physically or emotionally. It wasn't preachy but rather insightful. Being able to see inside Patsy's heart as she shared personal struggles/victories openly and honestly was refreshing. She has the ability to say things with candor but a measure of tactfulness also. Next Sunday, I think I'll take a few extra moments to study the stained glass and stretch my fingers out toward the light...

Many thanks to Thomas Nelson publishers for giving me a copy of this book for review purposes. All the opinions are honestly given and I was in no way co-erced to write a positive review.

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