Monday, September 12, 2011

Love You More by Jennifer Grant

This is the story of one woman's journey to become a mother; not for the first time but rather the fourth. She is waiting to bring home the daughter who, although not born from her body, was born in her heart. This little girl's Guatemalan name is Maria but eventually comes to be known simply as Mia...mine. It's not always an easy journey, as adoptions rarely are, but when it's over lives will be changed-and not just Mia's.

Jennifer Grant deftly guides us through the adoption process gracefully, insightfully, and at times, humorously. Every day life is included to give perspective on the background of her family, herself and those significant to her. She explains the ache in her heart, even as a newlywed, waiting for her children to come, to share in her experiences. She misses them before they are even born. After having three children, Jennifer knows she's still not done adding to her family, even if it's not in the traditional sense. And so, after introspective consideration between she and her husband, they go forward with the search for their missing daughter, the one who God picked to be part of their family.

As a journalist, Grant has a knack for writing engagingly; effortlessly conveying her point of view through the universally relate able lens of motherhood. Who hasn't experienced the months of sleepless zombie like existence that precludes the feeding and care of newborns? Or the worry your pre-baby adult brain may have fallen down the rabbit hole, via Alice in Wonderland, never to be seen from again? At the very least, intelligent non Barney conversation will require some effort. Being a mom is a privilege but also a lot of work. Not your typical 9-5 job, it is also often a thankless, under appreciated, business. Pay raise? Forget about it. Off the clock? Not in this lifetime. But there are perks such as; watching your child's face light up when you're in the room, those little hands reaching for you with such trust and delight, endearing interactions that are as spontaneous as they are affirming...priceless.

Jennifer brings all these aspects and more to the love story she shares with her daughter, Mia. Honest about her failures and shortcomings, she allows us glimpses into the mysterious bond formed between two hearts from two separate worlds. While not everyone reading will find themselves in the same situation as the Grants, they can relate to the human emotions expressed without too much difficulty. For anyone who has ever, or will ever, have a child in their life, Love You More is truthful, refreshing, engaging reading. It's a love story. And what could be more beautiful than that?

A complimentary copy of this book was given to me for review by Thomas Nelson Publishers in exchange for my honest opinions.


keri said...

Great review. I agree, the book is really a love story, and a beautiful one at that. I could relate to so much of Jennifer's story as she shared the struggles and joys of building a family (even before she felt called to adopt). This is a true and beautiful story that I'd recommend to all parents, adoptive or otherwise!

stalkinghorse said...

Thanks for commenting Keri! I really enjoyed reading this story just from a mothers point of view. I thought Jennifer's writing was really gripping and relate able to just about anyone, especially those who have, or are hoping to have children.

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