Monday, October 03, 2011

The Wonder of Your Love by Beth Wiseman

This is a sweet Amish love story with a slightly different twist; instead of focusing on a younger couple per usual, the story centers around two characters who are more in the middle of their years. Having had a full, if somewhat lonely life since the passing of his wife, Eli Detweiler is looking forward to spending time exploring the various things he's previously only dreamed of. Now that his children are starting homes of their own, Eli relishes his new found freedom from all the responsibility that has previously tied him down. Meanwhile, Katie Ann Stolzfus is just beginning the journey of parenthood after giving birth to her son at an older age. She finds herself alone as her husband, Ivan, has left her for another woman, much to Katie Ann's heartbreak. A chance meeting occurs between Eli and Katie Ann where Eli compliments Katie Ann on her beautiful grandson, much to her embarrassment. After already starting off on the wrong foot, Eli looks for a way to make amends with the stand offish woman he unknowingly insulted but finds his offer of friendship rebuffed. Will Katie Ann change her opinion of Eli long enough to forge a truce...or possibly something more?

Not having read any of author Beth Wiseman's previous novels, I enjoyed this story. It was a gentle, if a bit slow paced, pleasant, read. Eli was very likeable and warm; I found Katie Anna bit frustrating at times but was glad to see a happy ending for them both. It's not my favorite of the Amish books I've read but it was well written and I commend the author for choosing something a little non-traditional in the ages of her main characters. Check out this book if you are a fan of the genre or author.

Thanks to Thomas Nelson Publishers for my complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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