Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Triple Layer Lemon Pie

Mmm, this was really yummy and ridiculously simple to make! All you need is a graham cracker pie crust, lemon pudding, lemon juice, milk, and cool whip.

I love refreshing desserts, and this kind of reminded me of a lighter "cool whip" version of lemon meringue pie. (One of my favs, btw)

Here's the recipe for Triple Layer Lemon Pie.

Hope everyone had a great Easter! :)


Anne said...

oh my goodness! That looks delicious and very easy. I have been craving something with lemon lately...

Michelle said...

Mmmm . . . looks good! Lemon desserts are so refreshing! Thanks for sharing the recipe. : )

Here is a link to another lemon pie that I think you might like (Frozen Lemonade Pie). I always make it at least once in the summertime.

Christina B said...

Anne, I love lemon and crave it a lot, especially in warmer weather! I just find it so refreshing... :)

Michelle, that recipe you shared looks yummy plus easy! Another two of my favorite things-lol. Thanks! :)

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