Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just In Case You Ever Wonder... by Max Lucado

This is the first children's book I've read by Max Lucado. Upon receiving our copy in the mail, my husband and I sat down with our 9 month old daughter to flip through it and see what her reaction was. She instantly grabbed at the pages, jumping up and down excitedly; so much so that I was forced to inch away for fear she'd rip the paper before I could even start the story. And mommy wanted to read the words as much as baby wanted to see the pictures, so it was a win win for both parties.

The illustrations were nice and simple; nothing too elaborate but enough color/movement to keep the kiddies interested. And the writing itself was beautiful, evoking just the thoughts and emotions that fill most parents heads when they think of their child. Who doesn't want to hear over and over just how special they are, that their mom/dad are there for them no matter what, that heaven is real? Full of reassurances that are sure to cling to every child's (and parent's) heart, this book is a lovely way to end each day. As my daughter grows older and is forced to deal with every day doubts and insecurities, I believe this story will be a comfort to her, also allowing an outlet to voice concerns as well as much needed affirmations. I was misty eyed by the time we had finished our first read through and I'm betting that will happen again. (Both the read through and the misty eyes.) Especially as my daughter begins to understand; she is so uniquely special that there is no one else on earth quite like her, I'm on her side even when the world may be against her, and most importantly, I love her very very much and always will...just in case she ever wonders.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Thomas Nelson Publishers in exchange for my honest review.


The Floral Palette said...

Your review is right on. Our girls have this book, too, and love it! As a parent, I love that it covers the topics you mentioned, and reassures them they are loved now and forever...and a wonderful way to open discussions about heaven and an eternal home awaiting those who accept God's gift! :)

Christina B said...

I really love the topics Max Lucado covers in this book and how relevant they are to kids; even grown ups. I still get those insecurities as an adult, so reading through this made me feel all warm and gooey inside, like those words were just for me! :)

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