Thursday, January 12, 2012

A blast from the past...

I've been feeling a bit wistful lately thinking about those events in my life that have already gone by...

I'm realizing now, more than ever, how quickly each moment fades into the next.

Yesterday's activities are already tomorrow's past, and that can make it easy forgetting just how we got where we are today. 

So for fun, I thought I'd make a small collage of pictures highlighting favorite parts of my own journey thus far.

Welcome to my little "blast from the past!" :)

My first job at the local library.  I was a glorified paige/clerk, which involved checking items in and out, helping patrons locate books/topics of interest, plus processing all the new materials we ordered-books, dvds, cds, etc.
(Btw, isn't that lip gloss something? I'm like 95% sure it might have actually glowed in the dark.)

Meeting my husband Nate through his mom, who also worked at the library with me. She set us up, and after our first date, he called me every day. So I figured he kinda liked me.  Or was massively desperate. :)
(This was taken at a youth rally the first month or so after we started going out.)

Getting married. The picture quality is poor-can't seem to find my original cd of wedding pictures-but a very happy day, nonetheless! We tied the knot exactly one year after our first date. :)

Missions trip to Peru. The church we helped build is right behind us. Pictured from left to right: me, Nate, and our good friend Karen. We had an absolutely wonderful time there, full of awesome experiences and lovely people we'll never forget. I'd love to go back someday...

Pregnancy. Here I am, ready to pop, and itching to meet my daughter, Ava.
(If I'd known how awful the labor would be, I might have told her to stay in there a little while longer. )

Giving birth to our little 8 pound bundle of joy, who's head got stuck and refused to come out no matter how hard mommy pushed. But after 10 centimeters of agony-on my end-and a little cutting-on the doctor's-she made her grand arrival!

(And then mommy was in such pain, daddy and Ava had to stop and get her some happy pills from the pharmacy on our way home from the hospital.)

Enjoying almost a whole year with my precious girl. Yes, she will be one on the 19th!

Celebrating 6 years of marriage... While it hasn't always been easy, it's worth the effort, and I thank God for all He's blessed me with. :)

These are some of my most memorable moments; what are yours?

I'd love to hear, if you'd like to share...

As always,  


Michelle said...

Those are wonderful moments, Christina! Thank you for sharing! :)

Some of my memorable moments are meeting my future husband when I was 14. We've been together for 25 years, and married for 18 of those!! :)

Having three wonderful children -- the oldest is 15, and the youngest is 8.

Becoming a Christian in 2006 when I was 34. Truly the most amazing thing that's happened in my life!

Christina B said...

It definitely sounds like you've had some memorable moments of your own, Michelle! That's so cool you met your husband at a young age and have been together for so long. Did you start off as friends, or was it a mutual crush right away? I'd love to hear more details about your romance story sometime if you'd like to share. :)

I grew up as the youngest of three kids and always liked having an older brother and sister-except for when they bossed me around. Lol.

Becoming a Christian is a memorable, life changing, experience, for sure! I think it's so neat how we all have our own unique journey to God...

Thanks for taking the time to share a little about yourself, friend!

Michelle said...

Hey Christina,

My husband and I were in the same P.E. class. I know it's unusual, but our school was close to the bowling alley, so they offered bowling for P.E. if it was your last period. So, we were on the same team, and the rest is history, lol. We hadn't really been friends before that, so it was a mutual crush. : )

Christina B said...

Thanks for sharing, Michelle! So you kinda have your school/bowling alley to thank then? :) It's so neat hearing how these types of circumstances bring people together, who might never have met!

Rachel Eva said...

Loved reading this blog - loved the re-cap. Can I ask if you got an epidural? I like how honest you were on how painful it was! but a little scary :)

Christina B said...

Rachel, lol, I did get an epidural but it didn't work. It numbed be for about 30 minutes but then began to wear off on one half of my body and finally the other half. They eventually did a second epidural, but that one wore off within a few minutes also. Not sure if I was immune to the epidural or if they didn't place it right and it didn't numb my nerves correctly.

But, either way, I definitely got the epidural experience. The small amount of time it worked for me was wonderful, so I'd definitely recommend for an easier labor!

And, yes, it was painful but worth it in the end. :)

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