Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Promise of Provision by Derek Prince

The subject of provision is a timely one, considering the state many people are living in right now.

We might be wondering how the next car payment will be made, if the bank may soon be knocking at our door, or, perhaps, just hoping we have enough in the checking account to purchase necessary groceries.

Amidst this ever growing frustration, The Promise of Provision seeks to unearth the process of abundance by comparing scripture passages with author Derek Prince's own insights.

The basic premise covers:

-Understanding Abundance

-Five Principles of Provision

-Three Practical Steps to Take

-Five Conditions for God's Abundance

-The Right Investment

The beginning passages explain more of the technicalities; what exactly is abundance, how curses may affect that abundance, where provision comes from, relying on God's promises, etc. 

I must say, I found these parts a bit dry and hard to focus on. I struggled with finishing them, as some of Mr. Prince's points seemed rather jumbled and in-cohesive as a whole. I also found issue with some of his statements. For instance, the way he talked about specific curses wasn't handled as tactfully as it could have been. While he may not have meant it like this, the wording indicated blindness and other ailments, in general, are caused by curses.

Yes, sometimes physical consequences result from sin/wrong doings, but I don't believe they are automatically linked to a "curse" just because there are examples of specific plagues, etc, in the Old Testament. That would be similar to telling a parent their child was cursed as a result of mental illness, blindness, skin conditions, and so on, that are beyond their control. This kind of logic, whether intentionally stating these notions or not, should be handled with more care and explanation than I felt was given here.

However, after reading past the first few sections, and getting to the part about practical steps to take, the writing seemed to flow better and make more sense. Faith, plus giving/tithing aspects, were included in the latter end of the book, and I found those interesting as I think they're very important in relation to abundance in Christian living.

While I don't agree with the entirety of Mr Prince's logic in The Promise of Provision, I do applaud the tackling of this subject, as its an enduring one that will always retain a level of high interest.

We all have differing thoughts on any given thing, so while mine weren't completely positive in regards to this book, I'd still encourage you to pick up a copy and form your own opinion.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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