Friday, January 27, 2012

Contentment Reading Challenge 2012!

I've decided to accept the Contentment Reading Challenge 2012, and hope you will too! 

Which means: 

Throughout this year, I will be dusting off and re-reading some favorite books I already own from my, ahem, slightly extensive collection. (Don't know quite how my shelf has gotten so full that it nearly groans whenever I get another box from Amazon...) 

Anyhew, poor, overworked, furniture aside, here are the reading levels to pick from:

* Floating: Skimming the surface, you re-read 5 books you already own.
* Wading: Getting your feet wet, you re-read 10 books you already own.
* Swimming: Immersing yourself again, you re-read 15 books you already own.
* Diving: Going deep into the stories you love, you re-read 20 or more books that you already own.

I've chosen to wade because ten stories seems like the perfect number for me. However, if you're feeling extra ambitious, why not dive straight in to the deep end? :) But whatever amount you feel comfortable with, it's sure to be a blast either way!

The Contentment Reading Challenge is being hosted by Katie McCurdy over at her blog, Legacy of a Writer, so be sure to click there for the complete scoop and how to join!


Katie McCurdy said...

Yay! Glad to have you on the challenge. 10 books sounds like a good number. I went a step farther and am SWIMMING...but not sure how I will do with that. We shall see!!

I'll be doing monthly update posts about the challenge on Legacy of a Writer, so be sure to stay tuned. (Some of the posts will include giveaways and bookswaps...and more! ;-)

See you throughout the year! :-D

Christina B said...

I'm looking forward to re-reading some books I've been wanting to crack back open for a while, so this is a perfect excuse to do that. :)

So glad you're continuing the reading challenge Amber started, and am excited to be part of it! I'll definitely keep an eye out for your posts and will update on my progress throughout the year as well.

See you around soon, I'm sure! :)

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