Friday, February 17, 2012

A special ladybug themed birthday party!

This past Sunday we had a birthday party to celebrate our daughter Ava turning one!

I had so much fun planning it, after deciding to incorporate a ladybug theme throughout. (Ava had previously dressed up as a ladybug for Halloween, and we also jokingly call her our little "bug," so this seemed perfect for her special day.)

I love looking at party pictures, so thought I'd share a few of my favorite highlights. :)

Here is the "sweets" table we set up in our dining room, with chocolate dipped pretzel favors, homemade cupcakes, and red/black licorice in a vase-which is not in this shot. For a little extra decoration, I included a photo of Ava I took in December, framed with a sign-able mat for guests to include a personal note for the birthday girl. There is also an album and ladybug pillow pet we recently bought her.

These were so much fun to do-chocolate bug cupcakes, with chocolate chip dots! I got the idea from Martha Stewart and kinda put my own twist on it. I also didn't use her actual cupcake recipe, just the concept.

This is the one I made: Mom's Chocolate Cupcakes.

And here's the link for  Bug Cupcakes if you'd like to design some of your own!

These red velvet cupcakes turned out so so moist and delicious! I've already posted the recipe I used, but so you don't have to dig, here it is again.
"He Proposed" Red Velvet Cake.

I used the same Vanilla Butter cream Frosting recipe for both cupcakes, and was really pleased with it.

Not pictured here, but I also whipped up a double batch of Mini Cherry Cheesecakes, courtesy of Taste of Home. Love them-the cupcakes and Taste of Home! :)

I made Ladybug Pretzel Bites for the favors, and they were very easy to put together. I dipped the bottom in milk chocolate, and for the top, simply mixed red food dye into white chocolate. Once they were dry, I decorated some of them with black food dye using a toothpick. For wrapping, I picked up clear gift bags plus polka dot ribbon from Walmart, and that was it!

Btw, my pretzels don't look exactly the same as pictured in the recipe, but that's the beauty of improvising, right? :)

Aren't these crackers really cute? I got the idea for these Ladybug Appetizers  from Taste of Home-no surprise there-and just thought they were adorable! I didn't get a chance to pipe black dots on to the tomatoes, due to lack of time, but thought they still turned out nicely anyway.

As far as the rest of the food, we made chili, along with meatballs, and bought rolls for meatball subs. We also had a veggie tray and plate of fresh, sweet, strawberries.

But, best of all, were the wonderful family and friends gathered together at our home; precious memories for Ava to cherish someday.

Finally, a pic of the birthday girl-favorite binky included- since it really was her day...

Hope you enjoyed this peek into my bug's 1st birthday party! :)


The Floral Palette said...

Awww, what a sweet post of little Ava's first birthday! :) You did a great job putting it all together, Tina!

Christina B said...

Aww, thanks. You did a lot to help too. I'm so glad you were there! :)

Anne said...

This is so creative! I love the cupcakes. Your daughter is adorable! :)

Christina B said...

Thanks Anne! It really was fun coming up with ideas for the party; just wish it wasn't over so quickly. :) So glad there will be pictures for Ava to see when she's older though!

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