Thursday, February 09, 2012

Super Moist Red Velvet Cake

Aren't the words red and velvet a delicious sounding combo?

(Well, I guess it depends on what exactly that combo entails...)

Happily, this one is a cake. Yum!

While I'm not exactly a red velvet cake connoisseur, I do know a good one when I've tasted it. 

And since I'm having a lady bug themed birthday party for my daughter Ava this weekend, I decided to incorporate some extra red into the mix. 

Last night, the party planning committee (consisting of me, myself, and I) whipped up a test batch in cupcake form. 

I ate three cupcakes, out of a dozen. 

Now there are only 9 left. 

(I know, I'm a math genius.)

But I'll be making more Saturday, so no worries; other than the trillion needless necessary calories consumed.

Here it is, the officially titled "He proposed" Red Velvet Cake!!!

Still unclear on the title?...


Anne said...

yumm...that looks really good! I might just have to make some...

Christina B said...

I think you'll really enjoy it if you do. It didn't take long to throw together, and was even moister the next day! :)

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