Monday, March 05, 2012

Do you get MMG?

Ok, so maybe you can relate to this unhappy little boy who has one hand slapped over his right eye, leaving the other free for intense, prolonged, glaring.

What's he channeling death rays at? Why, Monday morning, of course.

(Before I say any more, if you find this behavior overly odd, then I wholeheartedly suggest you stop reading now.)

In general, mornings and I don't have the best track record. We've never really gotten along, despite a few half hearted attempts at civility. While I've grown better at masking my animosity, sometimes I still can't totally control my reactions.

(They've been known to include: muttering, groaning, possessive cover clutching, fist shaking, and eye slapping-as seen above. (Except it's not so cute on an adult.)

But I have at last acknowledged a diagnoses for these unsavory behaviors.

Monday + morning + dysfunctional relationship=MMG.

All right, in plain english, I have Monday Morning Grumpiness. Normally it's just regular MG, but Mondays are extra special, so I'm giving them due respect.

(I have to say, it was my sister who sweetly informed me of my "morning grumpiness" condition, so I can't take all the credit.)

Anyway, I've been slowly working on my "issues" and can now say with utter sincerity that...

Yeah, I still don't like Monday morning. We're not best buds-possibly nodding acquaintances-but I can tolerate them more when I realize it's simply their lot in life to be the bad guy almost no one likes.

(Again, if you're part of the MM admiration society, please disregard everything I've just said and happily continue on your merry way.)

In other words, Monday got stuck with the short end of the straw, while Friday perpetually has the cool end of the totem pole.

I have a heart. I like to root for the underdog. Admittedly, a little sigh escapes my throat every time I watch Napoleon Dynamite channel his inner LaFawnduh for two groovy, on stage, minutes.

So if I put MM in that category, it helps the tiniest bit. MM is just doing its job. MM is not out to get me.

MM does not have to equal MMG.

Maybe I should give it a break and move onto Friday instead.

FMG anyone?


Anne said...

this post made me smile. =) I am a morning person, but that does not mean I like Mondays any more; however, I love Friday mornings. ;)

Christina B said...

I'm glad I got you to smile on a Monday morning. :) Yes, I'm definitely more of a Friday morning person myself, because I love the weekend!

Michelle said...

This one had me smiling and laughing, as well! I can relate to MMG. ;-)

Hope your Tuesday is going well!

Christina B said...

So nice to know can others relate to my Monday morning aversion! And, yes, my Tuesday is going well-hope yours is also! :)

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