Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hangry much?

I always knew there had to be a word for this condition, so imagine my relief when I came across it.

On a pillow, no less.

You know the one I mean.

It can come upon you more suddenly than a leaping mountain lion, and twice as ferocious.

You feel the grumbling of your stomach intensify, just as an unearthly roar comes out of your mouth to match it.  Before you have time to think, the word vomit just continues to spew out, frothing, and unstoppable.

And the unlucky person who happens to be the unassuming recipient (most often of the male variety) stares as if you've turned into a full fledged monster.

And perhaps you have.

Because, gasp, the hangry beast has taken over.

And won't stop until it's fed.

Who knew our stomachs were so connected to that little anger trigger in our head?  Or that lack of food could set it off so easily?

(Or that morphing into The Hulk doesn't just happen to Lou Ferrigno?)

Blessedly, the cure is pretty straightforward and doesn't require expensive pills to treat. The nearest Tim Hortons can tame the wildest hanger craving in mere minutes, leaving us relieved to feel semi in control of our faculties once more.

And thankful for the excuse to chow down on fattening doghnuts.

(But that is for another post entirely...)


Michelle said...

I try to avoid the "hangry beast" at all cost, lol. ;-)

And once you get to that point, it's all you can do not to think about food.

Christina B said...

Haha, glad you try not to let your hanger get the better of you. Food seems to make everything better, doesn't it? :)

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