Friday, December 30, 2011

Book review AND giveaway of The One Year Uncommon Daily Life Challenge by Tony Dungy

This is an exciting, most excellent, day for me; my blog's very first book giveaway!!!

(Yes, in my opinion, it deserves three whole exclamation points.)

Here's the book:

And here's the scoop...

Now, a confession that may just rock your world.

I'm not a football fan. Not even a little bit. 

I'll wait a sec while that little snippet of info seeps in.

Thoroughly seeped?  Sorry, I mean, steeped?

Ok, the question I'm sure you're dying to ask.

Why then, did I pick this particular title, written by a beloved Super Bowl winning coach, to review?

I love my husband. (And enjoy earning brownie points to cash in for future use...)

So when he shows significant interest in obtaining a copy of this very book, I jump on it, while cringing at the same time.

The F word (football) nags me right up until I crack open the first page and start, what I'm sure will be, an arduous task.

Upon skimming the beginning entry, I relax a tad, before moving on to day two.

Not so bad.

Before I know it, February's section has come and gone, with March firmly in sight.

Victory is mine! (I'm also completely sure Tony Dungy himself would swell with amazing pride over my great accomplishment.)

Eventually, fall enters the picture, and suddenly, I'm not ready to face winter. A bleakness fills my soul.

No more pages???

Dismal as this thought is, it propels me forward in my quest to uncover any remaining hidden gems of wisdom, lurking just beneath the surface.

(Somewhere, in a snake infested pit, Indiana Jones and Steven Spielberg are lamenting the disappearance of a trade mark whip and fedora.)

Treasures found, I can, at last, safely close the final chapter of my adventure with a new, transforming, experience under my belt.

In case you missed it:

I read a book, written by a football guy, containing more football references than the amount of times Charlie Sheen coined the phrase, "winning"...

And I honestly liked it!

In conclusion, Mr. Dungy has hit a home run.

(I know, wrong sport. )

Writing in a relate able, easy to understand style, he touches on the important topics in every guy's life. He's careful to use biblically sound replies when approaching each subject, not giving pat answers, but speaking openly and plainly throughout. Also, sharing from his own unique experiences, and those around him, brings an authenticity to his words. You're left feeling as though you just had a one on one conversation with the man himself.

This devotional is sure to encourage, motivate, and enrich, numerous men out there who are striving to become the person they know God wants them to be. It truly has something for pretty much everyone and is a great opportunity for football fans to see another side of this popular, well-respected, coach, off the field. His strength, humility, and leadership qualities, are clearly evident; a tribute to the core values he holds dear.

In this day and age, there honestly aren't enough positive male role models in the public eye, so Tony Dungy's willingness to step up, sets a great example to others.

In short, I highly recommend reading this book and taking the challenge yourself. Start out the New Year, determined to live an "uncommon" life, and see what happens.

To get you started, I think it's time for a...


To enter for your chance to win a copy of The One Year Uncommon Daily Life Challenge, simply leave a comment below in the comment section, with your email included, so I can contact the winner for their mailing address, etc. This drawing will be open for a week, so you have plenty of time to join, and I'll be announcing the results next Friday, January 6th!

If you're not sure what kind of comment to leave, how about one of the resolutions on your New Years list?

And, finally, as a way of saying thank you, I'll award a bonus entry to anyone that already is a follower, or decides to start, following my blog.

If you haven't yet introduced yourself, I'd love the chance to see your face and get to know a little bit about you, reader. So please, pull up a chair, grab some slippers, and make yourself at home. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

(P.S. I'll only be accepting entries within the U.S.)

If you'd like to check out Tyndale House Publishers site, click here:

You can also find further info on author,Tony Dungy, here:

As a disclosure, I receive a complimentary copy of this book from Tyndale Publishers in exchange for my honest review. I also received a certificate for one complimentary copy of this book to be given to the winner of this giveaway.


Coleen said...

Maybe the hubby would actually get into this.. he loves his football! Me, I'm like you.. ugh is it over yet? Lol

Christina B said...

Haha, I've tried to like it but...nada. This would be a great book for Tim. I'll enter you! :)

Amy said...

I think Zach might find it interesting. Like you Tina, I am not a fan of football :)

Christina B said...

Hey Amy! :)

I know Zach likes reading and has a heart for men's ministry, so this book would be right up his alley.

Guess we'll leave football to the guys, huh? Glad you came by for your chance to win a copy of The Uncommon Life for Zach. :)

Linda D. said...

Love your blog, Tina! I am most definitely not a fan of football, but your review of the book does make it sound intriguing! Best wishes for success with your blog!

sarbeara2000 said...

Ha, no fan of football here, either, but I do love reading inspirational books on individuals who put Christ first and find great success in doing so! Great review, as always! Very talented you are.

Christina B said...


I really appreciate your thoughtfulness in taking the time to check out my blog and leave a comment! Hopefully, I'll see you around here again.:)

May you and your family have a truly blessed New Year!

Christina B said...


I totally agree with you. It's always inspiring to see a person who places God first in their life and is truly blessed for it. Makes me want to achieve more...xo

Dorothy said...

I LOVE FOOTBALL. I read Tony Dungy's biography a few years ago, and truly admire the man. He is also a terrific public speaker and an all-around decent man. My husband and I are already breaking out the mourning clothes to mark the end of the college football season.

Christina B said...

Hi Dorothy!

So glad you stopped by and entered the giveaway. It's nice to see a female football fan around here. :)

I hadn't really heard of Tony Dungy before coming across this devotional, but am now interested in reading more about him. He seems like a really great guy.

Take care and hopefully I'll see you around here again soon. :)

Giant Sis said...

My husband and I both respect Tony a lot. We like the Tampa Bay Bucs and have followed Tony since he was a coach there. Tony is such a wonderful godly example! I would love to go through this devotional with my husband - because I think he would actually enjoy this and learn a lot!
I'm a football fan - thanks to my hubby taking time to teach me about it years ago!
wilburnnewsome atyahoodotcom

Giant Sis said...

I became a new follower of your blog too!
wilburnnewsome atyahoodotcom

Christina B said...

Hey Giant Sis! :)

So glad you found my blog, and appreciate you following too. As a way of saying thanks, I'll be sure to award you an extra entry in the giveaway!

I think you and your husband would really enjoy this book. My hubby has started reading his copy, and finds it a great way to sneak in some God time while also getting football references on the side!

Again thanks for coming over, and God bless! :)

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