Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My first ever book giveaway!

Just a friendly reminder that I'll be having a giveaway of former football coach 
Tony dungy's new devotional, "The One Year Uncommon Daily Life Challenge", this Friday.

Because it's my first book giveaway, I'm super excited; and can't wait to share a copy with you, my blog friend! 

My husband received one of his own for Christmas and, after watching him flip intently through it several times, I had to pry it away from his grubby little fingers so we could eat breakfast. He can't wait to delve into it, beginning January-a perfect start for the New Year! (And even if you miss the first few entries, you can catch right up by going to the current date and joining in there.)

This is a great tool for any guy, especially husbands and/or fathers, looking for encouraging tips on how to successfully navigate all the important things in their demanding schedule. 

So, even if it's not for you, why not snag a copy for that special person in your world who could use some positive reinforcement? 

This is what Mr. Dungy had to say about the importance of strong role modeling for guys:

"Our young men today are falling into a trap... Society is telling them material success is what's important, but if we buy into that idea, we can spend a lifetime chasing that success and never really have the positive impact on people that would make our lives truly significant."

Want an "uncommon life"? 

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