Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cinnamon Sugar Pecans

Since it IS the week of Christmas, why not share some of the festive goodies we get to indulge in this time of year? 

I found these on Pinterest ( a nifty little site that has become my new obsession) and made them today. Boy, are they yummy! I've bought these type of fancy nuts before at fairs and various shops, but they're even better home made. And so so simple to whip together. All you need is two gallon size bags, pecan halves, egg whites, vanilla, water, sugar, cinnamon and salt. Easy, right? 

For the complete directions, click here:

Tomorrow, I'll share  another delectable recipe with y'all. ( Ok, I'm not southern but y'all sounds so friendly, doesn't it?) 

If you'd like to swap one of your Christmas favorites with me, I'd be tickled pink! :)

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